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Rolling Hills Estates' Newsletter and Updates

Here you'll find development progress updates, as well as local news and market related information through our newsletter.


Rolling Hills Estates Newsletter 
July 2017

Construction of our model home, Villa Sonora, in Block 12, is in progress, and we expect completion by next month. Villa Sonora is a 1,400 Sqft living space home with a spectacular ocean view that you can gaze at from every room.  Villa Sonora’s architectural design was inspired by ...

RHE Newsletter 

January 2016


As we enter into 2016 we take time to reflect upon the passing year. A lot has happened in Los Cabos since last year. Hotels have undertaken the challenge of rebuilding part of their infrastructure and this has translated into an overall renewal feeling and in some cases the addition of more hotel rooms. 

RHE Newsletter 

June 2015


At Rolling Hills construction work continues escalating and more clients are showing interest in house designs and construction estimates. We are also happy to report that our second resident family spent their first holiday season at their newly finished home, “Casa Mirador”, and we are assisting them with their landscaping plans and some additional work around the exterior.


Development progress update

December 2014


Seasons greetings from all of us at Rolling Hills Estrates.

Winter season seems to have returned so quickly that is hard to believe a whole year has gone by. Althoung there is exciting progress to report at our development. 


Development progress update

July 2014


Road work continues on Boulevard Cabo Hills and secondary roads [shown in red on map]. The final stages, including compacting, installation of curbs and asphalt  will be completed within the next four months. We will also be landscaping the median in the main boulevard...

Development progress update

May 2014


We are excited to show you all the work that's being performed at Rolling Hills. Take a look at the photo slide shows.

March Newsletter

​Greetings to all members of the Rolling Hills Estates family from this paradise called Cabo San Lucas.

The economic challenges of the last five years have transformed into a resurgence of building and development. With the stock market at an all time high and real estate making a major come back in the US, market conditions once again point to Cabo San Lucas as a hotbed for investment. We are excited to show you all the work that's being performed at Rolling Hills. 


At Rolling Hills we are confidently proceeding with the infrastructure including the new main entrance. In addition house construction on the second client owned custom home is well underway and we expect that construction on at least a further six homes will be initiated within the next three months.

December Newsletter

Happy Holidays from Rolling Hills Estates.

To all our owners and their families, Happy Holidays. This is one of the most beautiful times to visit Cabo San Lucas. The weather is near ideal. There is no skiing or ice skating but you probably will find plenty of other activities to do here; Fishing, hiking, shopping, golf, boating, spas, and outdoor adventures await you.

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